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Optima hotel management system is perfect for the hotel groups organizations.

Optima Solutions runs hotel groups from a central server farm that runs both database and applications of the hotels and head office and connects online to the various sales channels such GDS and IDS.

Optima hotel chain solution is built on 3 main ideas:

  • Use premium tools for operation
  • Centralize and standardize information
  • Centralize computer resources and technology

Optima centralizes all your organization units: Hotels departments, Head office operational units, Chain management and control, Guests and customers (through Internet)

Use the Optima Premium Line products such as Optima Multi-PMS, Optima online booking engine, Optima B2B to GDS/IDS, Optima central report and IR

All the applications are integrated into a single image open database (All modules read from the same database) and all modules have the same recognizable user interface. The entire organizational information resides in one secure location.

The central solution allows unified information components for all the hotels:

  • Guests.
  • Customers.
  • Suppliers.

Unique software modules give you the advantage you need on your competitors:

  • Multi PMS
  • Oscar – Integrated guest service center
  • Internal Electronic Fax Module in the PMS (including attachment of faxes and other files to reservations)
  • Internal Club Members module in the PMS
  • Internal Catering and Events module in the PMS
  • On Line Internet booking and B2B tools
  • Integrated Accounts Receivable.

Optima Hotel Chain Management Software Solution benefits:

  • Reduce operational expenses:
    • Reduce IT resources equipment & staff)
    • Reduce Human resources - By centralizing some operational functions (Reservations, Control, Accounts)
  • Improvement of daily management decisions based on real time information (also sent daily by email), allowing profit optimization.
  • Use of Silverbyte’s premium tools enhances staff efficiency:
    • Guest service
    • Control
    • Ease of use
    • Implementation of chain policies in the hotels
  • Reduces reservation overheads by direct connection to GDS/IDS and your web site booking engine and connecting directly to channels.
  • Possibility to let Silverbyte build, manage, market and promote your web site (this option has proven to increase web site bookings by hundreds of percents).

Using advanced development tools allow us customizations and adaptation for each customer. Naturally this option is available only for hotel groups and will help your organization grow in your directions.