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Inspire Hotel CRM, a part of the Optima Hotel Management Software Solution, runs on the same single database as all other Optima programs, gathers and manages information on hotel guests, travel agents and companies, market segments, groups and sources of business.

The CRM database collects information about the guests including demographic information (Email, phone numbers, dates of birth, anniversaries, etc.), details of their reservations at the hotel, statistics on revenues by guests' types and the guests' interests. Similar to guests Optima CRM gathers information about customers.

This module can be used by the hotel to support sales efforts, increase guest service levels and manage the relationship with the customers (CRM).

Optima CRM Main advantages and functionality:

  • Works transparently with other Optima Line products using the same single image database.
  • Handling of guests' family members (companions).
  • Possibility to manage a Guest's main Profile with unlimited number of sub- profiles for other family members that include phone numbers, addresses, e-mail address, club member information etc.
  • Management of members Club that accumulates stay and income information of the hotel club members. Supports calculation of points and the use of them as a method of payment.
  • Classification and segmentation of hotel guests according to different parameters and different types of guests and interests.
  • Management of Sales Representatives. Management of tasks including target dates with tasks tracking and performance. Tasks are linked also to the customers so they can be accessed from both sides of the operation (from Sales Reps and Customers). Manage budgets and targets for all sales reps on customer levels and cumulative level with actual performance (On the books) from the PMS.
  • Email lists can be exported to Excel and transferred to external e-mail systems. A future optional module will allow sending personal emails to selected lists of guests or customers directly from Optima CRM.

Call Center

Optima CRM reviles new approach to CRO management when, like in other industries, the booking process starts with the identification of the customer giving specific sales instruction as per pre defined parameters such as guest value, guest segment and other.

Optima CRM includes the following functions:

  • 360º view on customer account which includes his personal details, preferences, list of bookings from all hotels, statistics (including separation between room revenue and other revenues), last activity and more..
  • Preference management for each profile Optima CRM manages room and hotel preferences (high floor, sea view, extra pillow.…) as well as personal preferences that support marketing activities such preferred music style, special cuisine preferences or any other types defined by the hotel.
  • Guest activity – view on the guest statistics and activities at each hotel of the group and hotel department.
  • Customer Voice – the grade that the customer gave the hotel, based on satisfaction surveys and other review tools.
  • Information about returning guests will immediately be shown on the main screen of the call center.
  • Guest Value Management

Clear visual of customer value will be displayed in main Optima windows and will give all employees who have contact with the guest an immediate view of the guest value.

The guest value calculation is a unique formula that can be customized by the hotel group based on room nights, revenues from different departments, VIP level, loyalty program membership, and the customer's voice.

Match & Merge

Optima CRM gives an advanced tool to keep your data clean and efficient. On the Match & Merge feature you can set different parameters for your match search that will give you a list of potential duplicate profiles in your database.

Optima CRM lets you merge different information from different profiles and have complete guest information united in one profile accessible to all hotels in the group.

New profiles created in the CRM, CRO or at the hotel will be immediately validate against all other profiles based on customized parameters to allow using existing profiles instead of creating new ones.

Integration with other Optima product line applications

The guest value icons as well as the guest picture are integrated in Optima PMS, POS and Spa windows for the optimal implementation of CRM concept throughout the hotel departments. The guest value is displayed on the reservation screen, room blocking windows, check in process and on the guest folio.

Loyalty Program – club members

Optima Loyalty Program management tool is an integrated module of Optima CRM and is based on centralized guest profiles.

Optima CRM includes a powerful loyalty program management tool which includes the following main functions:

  • Several parallel loyalty programs that have different point schema and benefits.
  • Set-up of reward points formulas, which are automatically updated, based on the customer activities at all hotels of the group.
  • Definition of redeem automated processes
  • Management of enrollment process from the CRM, the PMS and the hotel's web site.
  • Club members are identified as such in each interaction with service providers at the hotel (POS, Spa, housekeeping, Reception, CRO), and get benefits and service based on their value and the loyalty program terms.
  • Club members are able to view their point status and membership status on the hotel web site.

Additional CRM Modules

  • CTI interfaces are often used by customer service centers and central reservations centers.
  • An interface between optima CRM and the CRO PABX company allows incoming calls to be identified by the system and the guest account appears on the screen, including all relevant information about the guest, such as his last bookings or quotations, statistics and personal information.

Campaigns & Mailing Lists

  • Based on the information gathered about the guests and groups of guest's behaviors and preferences, Optima CRM allows creation of mailing lists for sending specific emails such newsletters, promotions and others.
  • Optima CRM supports export of mailing list to external third party systems that execute the actual bulk sending, import of responses is also possible in order to monitor the mailing results and the campaign results.
  • Optima CRM can also manage mailing according to specific events which are pre- defined such as email after check out and email before check in.
  • Optima CRM campaigns and mailing are multi lingual and the guest preferred language is integrated as part of the preparation of the mailing list.