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Optima Go Green allows the hotels using Optima Hotel Management Solution to go the extra mile and reduce the total amount of paper used by implementing Optima green solutions. The solution meets two valuable targets by helping the environment and saving costs of operations.

The Optima Go Green solution includes:

  1. Optima Green Check In – advance check in that can be done on the Internet or Smart-phones up to 24 hours before check in, saving the need to print registration cards and speeds up the checkin process at the hotel.
  2. Optima Green Check Out that includes presentation of guest folio on an iPad, or similar device, instead of printing folio statement and sending the invoice to the guest or company directly by email.
  3. Optima Fax and files attachment allowing attachment of faxes and other documents to the reservation and view them at any given time. The files attached to the reservations ad folios can be vied even years after the guest has checked out.
  4. Optima passports and IDs scanning allowing scanning of various IDs and insert the details directly into the Guest Profile information, including picture of the guest (when using Optima CRM) and attach the scanned document to the reservation.
  5. Paperless night process – all the statistics and financial information is stored in the database and can be viewed at any time. No need to print anything.
  6. Optima Managers’ Snapshots – daily reports sent daily to selective managers and owners saving the need to print these reports to managers who do not have access to Optima.
  7. Optima Mobile – allowing managers and sales people to view availability and prices online on their smart-phones instead of relying on reports that may be outdated.

In the “Go Green” project we took the additional step to save the environment by encouraging the hotels’ guests to share the efforts. The advanced technology, available to anyone today on the Internet and cell-phones, can help us all reduce the amount of trash generated by needless printing of documents and forms”.  

Until now, reservations offices used to be filled up with papers, files, folders and paper racks. Each reservation was written on paper with faxes, vouchers and other documents physically attached to it. There was always the danger of fire or other means of damage that would result in permanent loss of those papers. There is no doubt that hotels need to work in paperless environment.

Optima Go Green solution is all about managing documents without wasting time and space. Document management has become a top priority in hotels where cutting costs of printing, papers, files and racks has become essential. Optima Go Green solution makes the coordination between different departments in the hotel or group smoother, as the electronic files can be accessed by anyone who needs them and has proper authority.

An office where the document management is done by Optima can easily locate a fax or document by a click of the mouse, read it, fax it or email it from Optima PMS. There are no folders full of paper moving from the reservations to the front desk and than to the back office and storage, no digging in boxes to find a missing voucher and no need for tons of paper to be stored in dark archives.