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Reasons to use Inspire Ltd. for your website:

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Content Creation
Web Design & visual arts
Search Engine Optimisation
Affordability that Save Money
Network of Professionals
Ease of Use


  • WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT :: We assist our clients across IT, software and services cycle.  We understand that things work differently at different businesses and team level.  We also believe management is essential in manifesting quality of deliverables across an organization.
  • AGILE :: We embrace the whole enterprise from business to engineering practices moving toward tight integration.   
  • ROI - RETURN OF INVESTMENT :: We empower enterprises to deliver great products and services with speed, quality and maximized profit.
  • OUR VISION :: Effective software, services & products without suffering.
  • EXPERIENCE :: Our  experience and professional staff.  Our staff is highly trained and certified and will make sure that you always receive the best service possible.
  • TRUST :: A Company you can trust, Inspire Limited has been providing services since 2001. We operate out of a real office with real support staff 24/7.
  • RELIABILITY :: Friendly technical support, Qualified employees.
  • SATISFACTION :: Satisfaction guarantee, keeping our customers happy is our main priority also we give trial periods for our customers without any financial commitments.
  • MONEY VALUE :: Best value for your money, we work hard to give best possible price while maintaining quality of service.  Put your money into a quality, time tested service and you will end up saving in the long run... - You have nothing to lose!




Why Hotels should use Inspire' Property Management System (OPTIMA PMS)

  • Oue Staff are Hoteliers, simply we understand you business, wants and needs.
  • Our Property Management Systems are running lot of well known Hotels, Hotel Chains.
  • Genius availability management
  • Our Hotel Management System can run your: Resort, Guest House, Hostel, Hotel 3 to 5 stars & Chain.
  • Saves time and money, by buying Optima Hotel Management System for you Property will give you a worry free future, to change the system you are using, 20% of our customers says we did find the system we bought last couple of years and we undertand the power and synergy of Optima Hostel Software.
  • No time consuming tasks is required, Optima Hotel systems is build arround business intelegence and automation.
  • Optima needs one database, no interfaces, no problems.
  • Optima is agile and light on your network.
  • Advanced Hotel Manager helps Hotel Management to analyze guests needs & business activities, and will show you drill down details beside lots of reports.
  • Manager can make business decisions on real-time information.
  • Works efficiently with many hardware devices like ticket printer, cash drawer, touch screen.
  • You can use any Accounting System for you Backoffice.
  • Green Technology Option that works from Reservation to Check-out.
  • 24 hours Support.
  • Over 15 years experiance in Hospitality.