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The only real combination of Spa management and Hotel management using one single image database.

Spa Management and Scheduling System 

Optima Spa is engineered to be an effective management tool to help you provide your guest the best service your spa has to offer. Your spa facility needs a reliable and professional management system that organizes vital information for day to day work, helps maintain a high level of service for increasingly demanding guests and assists you in making crucial decisions that affect the total success of your spa and hotel business. 

Silverbyte has taken a front-line approach in developing the Optima Spa software program. Optima Spa makes the job easier for those who use it the most every day. Optima Spa is a "user defined" program that controls the services and facilities used throughout the spa. More than a simple reservations system, it controls the physical resources, scheduling, preferences and qualifications of the staff performing the services. Help screens and pull-down menus are standard features allowing your spa front office worker quick solutions to the most tricky and tedious problems. 

Optima Spasoftware is designed with a multi-dimensional approach to booking services for your guest.  The system books the available and qualified therapists based on daily and weekly schedules.  Resources such as massage rooms, therapy tubs, facial and body treatment rooms are all user defined. The system searches all availability's and books appointments at the touch of a key, without a moment's time lost! 

Optima Spa software maintains guest histories in a clear and concise manner. Review extensive information from every guest purchase including the complete guest folio.  Exactly the information you need, special codes, full screen remarks, account information all helping you maintain the guest history required for optimum service. 

Silverbyte developed a unique as well as versatile spa scheduling management system. Optima Spa can operate as a freestanding software program or is incorporated into our Optima Line Hotel Management program--a full front office management system for medium to large hotels. This comprehensive program allows the reservations agent to book spa services together with the accompanying room reservation on the same guest account while simultaneously making use of the all important guest history. This unique system also functions when there is a reservation cancellation--room and spa service reservations are canceled together.  Optima Spa is designed for quick and accurate updating of reservation information that in the long run make for a profitable operation. 

Optima Spa stands at the forefront of spa management technology and intelligence.  It's features have created new standards in the international market for Resort Spa and Destination Spas.