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We offer professional training services for SME (Small Medium Enterprises only) that will help your your information technology departments to manage your server, data base, networking, backups & security.


Our main training services are as following:

- Databses: mySQL, msSQL, Sybase & Oracle.

- Programing Languages: PHP, .NET, JAVA

- Server Administration: Windows, Linux, BreeBSD & Solaris.



- We do not operate training sessions for beginners; all attendee must have at least 18 months of experience.

- Maximum number of attendance is 5 people only other wise we split into to sessions.

- Training sessions are set on following days (Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays) as based on our experience with customers SME IT departments are less busy on those days.

- We do training on site or online only except for Solaris we do it inhouse only.


For more information please contact us.