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What you should Know Before Building a Website?

Best Practices & Standards you must know Before Building Your Website..

Understand what you want in your website! what is it for and targets who?

What is your budget and what costs and time it will take?

During website design do not wait but work on content, pictures, etc. so once your designer get the design ready he can finish your websites in perfect way, or at least be ready for your developer to place into the website.

A web site has several pieces; don't ignore any part, listen to your designer.

Website must be nice looking and on the top priority content only is the success of your website.

To not believe that you will get a stable website for evey, every website needs maintenance. Technology today is changing every day and make sure your business is on track. Keep in mind that you need a plan to update, maintain, and improve your website from time to time; on monthly or weekly basis.

Remember designing company must be professionals, do not use a freelancer in just because s/he is in your son's freind. Do not go with your interface/webdesigner completly also do not go with your programer completly try to be in between exactly at a point where beauty and effecncy meet. You need an attractive and functional website.

Rememebr that you will get what you pay for, do not go further.

Don't start your website by buying a content management system (CMS) unless you know what you want for coming years. Ask us as your web design company we can give you clarification for all your needs and wished.